What Is A Promoter To Do?

As soon as I saw the lowlights from Charlie Sheen’s opening night in Detroit, my thoughts went to the promoter and the venue.  I’m sure their thoughts were not “Winning”!

Now at the same time, you have to think that anyone and everyone involved with promoting Charlie’s show had to have disastrous thoughts in their head. They must know they are taking a real chance on this show.  Be that said, what does the promoter and the venue do when tickets sell well but the show bombs?  Who takes the hit when customers demand their money back?  If the artist does poorly on stage, leaves early, or doesn’t even show up, who should get stuck with the bill? In many cases, the promoter and the venue take the biggest hit.

Advance Man Update

Ringling alum Jamie MacVicar’s book The Advance Man has been nominated for the National Award for Arts Writing.  If you have not read Jamie’s book, you should. It’s a story about a promoter’s journey behind the scenes of The Greatest Show On Earth. When I read it, it brought back many of my own memories of being a promoter with Ringling. If you want to know how modern live entertainment marketing was born, read the book.  The winner will be announced on April 16th.  I’ll let you know if he wins.

Mad Good Food!

I started a new blog!  This one is called Mad Good Food!  Now that I am in the culinary world I thought I should start a food blog.  It will be very different from the E&E Marketing Blog.  Besides adding photos, I plan to add video.  The goal is to turn it into an internet TV show.  Please check it out and add it to your favorites at http://madgoodfood.wordpress.com.


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2 Responses to “What Is A Promoter To Do?”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Good to hear you even if it is through the keys! R

  2. Joe Lewi Says:

    Thanks Ruth!!!

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