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I get my daily offers from both Groupon and Livingsocial and I always chuckle.  Not because the deals are funny but because this concept was so… frowned upon just a few short years ago in the entertainment marketing world, and some still do. I was part of a concept in 2000 that was way ahead of its time with  These sites have taken our concept to the next level.  I was almost a dot-com millionaire!

I love these social coupon sites.  They have taken the idea of group sales and super groups to the mainstream.  You can get discounts for restaurants, car washes, clubs, bars, dental, etc…  The one participant I don’t see a lot is our industry.  Some are doing it, but they are in the minority. What is wrong with us?  Why are we always one step behind?  We should be all over these sites. I just read this morning that even the movie business is using it. Lions Gate Entertainment is offering a half price coupon on Groupon for an upcoming movie release.

Everyone always thinks that coupons make the product look cheap.  It’s all in how you market it!  If you market it cheap, it will be cheap.

If your show performs with empty seats then you should be looking at these sites. Why leave the seats empty.  Why do you try to fill them with comps?   When you paper the house you have no idea how many will cash in the comp. With these sites, the customer has to buy the coupon.  The chances they will redeem it are much greater.  

These sites offer minimum and maximum coupons that can be sold.  They offer time limits.  You can control the flow of coupons.  They do a mass email marketing campaign for you.  Do you realize how many million people get their daily emails?

No I’m not on Groupon’s or Livingsocial’s payroll, just a happy consumer who gets it.


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4 Responses to “Online Coupons”

  1. annie uzdavinis Says:


    as we have discussed goldstar, i think you know i couldn’t agree more. last night i went to a restaurant i haven’t been to in quite some time because i got a coupon for $60 worth of food and beverage for $29.00 through zagat. not only did i return to a place i haven’t been to in awhile and had a great meal, i wasn’t looking at the prices as much as i had this deal. so we stayed longer, had an extra glass of wine and the cheese plate. the net both my friend and i will be back again, we spent more than we would have if we had just stopped in and i’ll write a review on zagat.

    if i had a coupon for a show i’d be more likely to spend more at the concessions and would tell others about the show.

    get with it entertainment marketers.

    annie uzdavinis

  2. Troy Says:

    I too think the shift is funny, but there are still a lot of people out there who are anti-groupon… It is a huge loss for most places of business.

  3. Laura Giammattei Says:

    My problem with groupon and all the other social marketing tools we have to use – How do we make an argument to still use traditional advertisng? Not print, but I still think we need radio and tv. Just wondering how you feel about this.


  4. Scott Bilicki Says:

    I think one thing that could be added to this great discussion is the use of mobile coupons. Think of the possibilities for venue or theater managers. You have people in the seats, and they have already opted in to receive news or promos for other events you may host. Send them discounts for concessions, information about playlists etc. The possibilities of mobile and specifically mobile coupons are great. People don’t have to remember to bring in the coupon and you can make them dynamic based on past buying habits. Why not reach into the wallet of your customers when they already have it out and willing to spend.

    There have already been example of using mobile to increase concession sales at ballparks in the US. One guy takes tweets over Twitter, you tell him what beer or snack you want and your seat number and he delivers.

    I personally think there are many many opportunities for the e&e industry to grow using mobile.

    Thanks for the great articles!

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